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Simsii Syringe Filters

Simsii offers dependable convenience and critical reliability for particulate removal across a variety of applications with Simsii™ disposable syringe filters that quickly and efficiently filter particles and microorganisms for sterile venting, clarification and sample preparation. A wide range of pore sizes and membrane materials ensure their suitability in diverse laboratory settings including biotechnology, environmental, pharmaceutical, chemical, agricultural, chromatography and food/beverage fields.

A Simsii™ disposable syringe filters handles both organic and aqueous solutions with optimum performance using screen-type membranes bonded onto stable, light-weight plastic support plates. Each sealed unit features lelur-slip or -lock syringe connections, and all filters are available in a variety of hydrophobic or hydrophilic membrane materials including:

  • Nylon
  • PTFE
  • PES
  • PVDF
  • MCE
  • CA or PP
  • GF or RC

This line of filters,including but not limited to nylon syringe filters, PVDF syringe filters, glass fiber syringe filters, performs with a versatile selection of diameters including 4, 13, 25, 30 and 50 millimeter as well as a wide range of pore sizes suitable for different laboratory applications. Simsii offers sterile filters, non-sterile filters and glass fiber pre-filters. Simsii™ disposable syringe filters are cost efficient in any setting and ship in either bulk or individual blister packaging. Custom packaging and products are available on request-contact us.


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